EMPLOYERS ONLY – August 2020 has 3 JobKeeper fortnights – $4,500!

In order to satisfy the JobKeeper rules, make sure a minimum of $1,500 per fortnight “gross” is paid to each employee registered for JobKeeper x 3 fortnights ($4,500) for the month of August 2020.

Check that your pay runs for the month of August 2020 satisfy the fortnightly payment rules as follows:

  • Weekly pay cycle – if there are only 4 weekly pay periods in August 2020, one (1) of the fortnights will include two (2) of the weekly pay runs and the remaining two (2) fortnights will only include a single pay run which may require a JOBKEEPER TOPUP to satisfy the rules.
  • Fortnightly pay cycle – if your pay periods don’t align contact our office immediately.
  • Monthly pay cycle –  ensure that a minimum of $4,500 gross at the end of the month less tax of $576.00 = $3,924 net is paid to each registered employee.
Don’t hesitate to contact our office;  it’s business as usual.