Consultant Principal Announcement

Since the Morrison Government’s first Economic Stimulus Package announcement on 12 March 2020, our office has been inundated with calls for help!  We are seeing first hand not only the economic impacts of COVID-19 on businesses but also the detrimental flow-on effects on their families and life as we once enjoyed it!

Bove Bulletins are a means of keeping you updated during these extreme times and are intended to provide you with timely guidance/support.  Based on information presently available, Bove Bulletins are only general in nature and you should contact our office before acting on any of the information contained therein.  At this stage, not all legislation has been passed and a number of questions still remain to be answered by the Government.  Unfortunately, this means that until all legislation is passed and receives royal assent, there is absolutely no certainty whatsoever.  We can only hope that the generous announcements made by the Prime Minister will legitimately be reflected in the letter of the law.  My concerns are that the legislatures will draft these new laws in such a way that could create further uncertainty, ineligibility, exclusion, or a “way out” for the government from making the “announced” stimulus payments.

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During this time it is important that we come together and support one another; it is crucial that everyone adheres to the legal directions and announcements of the Government.  Given the magnitude of the task at hand, the Government of the day are doing an exceptional job (regardless of political persuasion).  It is equally important to remain well informed, as the hardest part of what we are dealing with is the unknown.  In a time when we need rational thinking and official facts, we are faced with alarmists and ill-informed spruikers on social media.  Therefore, I strongly urge you to download the Commonwealth of Australia’s Coronavirus app and stay officially informed at all times.

Stay safe and my best regards,

Vito Bove
Principal Consultant