Bove was one of the first professional members and accredited trainers of Reckon® software. Today this service is managed by our associated company Chrisalex which was incorporated to provide ‘bespoke’ training and bookkeeping services to Micro Businesses and SMEs throughout Australia; a service which is unconditionally supported and guaranteed by specialist taxation accountants.

As Reckon® Accredited Accountants & Trainers, our team draws on over 40 years of specialist industry experience to help clients improve accountability and run their business.

Chrisalex bookkeepers have been personally trained by Bove Principals and must:

Be registered BAS Agents;
Comply with Bove stringent quality procedures;
Comply with the obligations set out in the Code of Professional Conduct pursuant to Division 30 of the Tax Agents Service Act 2009.



to building accountability with integrity; whilst there is a growing trend to ‘cloud’ this service, beware that as with all growing clouds, storms inevitably follow. Chrisalex bookkeepers understand the importance of their role and that what they do is not just data entry. There is a significant difference between data entry and keeping the books” – Vito Bove